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Prolapsed disc treatment

From the roots to the fruits: Milestones in Treatment of Prolapsed Disc

Treatment of herniated discs took his output at the beginning of the 1900s. The aim of any treatment is to find an access to the pathogenic tissue, which will reduce surrounding tissue demage in order to find a better healing process. It is a long way from the first open surgery in disc treatment to minimally invasive operation techniques that are applied today. This path is marked by milestones that have been devised by surgeons using the technological advances in medicine. The milestones are summerized in the sequence, wherein each milestone is written as an article and published as a post in "Endoscopic History"


  • Laminectomy performed by Mixter and Barr 1934
  • Postereor Cervical disc surgery performed by Spurling and Coville 1944 
  • Cervical Discectomy via anterior approach since 1950
  • Biopsie of disc material performed by Argentina 1955 and Craig 1956 
  • Chemopapain injected and discribed by Smith et al.  using the posterolateral approach 1963
  • Microdiscectomy performed and published by Caspar / Yasargil using a microscope for visualization 1975
  • Percutaneous Nucleotomy discribed and performed by Hijikata using the posterolateral approach 1975
  • Introdution of Percutaneous Nucleotomy in Europe by Schreiber, Leu, Suezawa 1978
  • Endoscopic Assisted Percutaneous Nucleotomy by Schreiber, Leu 1979
  • Development of SB-Charité lumbar disc Implant by Karin-Büttner Janz 1984
  • Percutaneous Laser Disc Decompression performed and published by Choy 1985
  • Development of legentary Minicamera MC-103 by Norbert Lemke as OEM producer for Karl Storz which influenced all endoscopic procedures since 1986 because visualization chanched from direct viewing through an Endoscope to permanent monitor contol.
  • Epiduroscopy with a 2.3 mm Micro Endoscope with working channel and angulation of the tip, published by Stoll, Watkins, Mathews 1989
  • Thoracic endoscopic acess to the spine by Mack, J.J. Regan, Rosenthal 1990
  • Biportal Approach to the spinal canal discribed and performed by Schreiber, Leu 1991
  • Foraminoscopy Presented by Hal Mathews at San Francisco Conference using a special designed Scope of  Danek Inc. 1991
  • Foraminoscopy presented by Schreiber, Leu using a special designed Scope of Karl Storz for treatment of lumbar extraforaminal herniations1991
  • Laparoscopic discectomy published by Obenchain 1991
  • Enlargment of Foramen intervertebralis with reamers and special designed instruments for removal of lumbar median, paramedian and foraminal disc herniations and treatment of stenotic foramen under C-Arm control by Thomas Hoogland 1996
  • Advanced Foraminoscopy with new designed Foraminoscope in combination with spezialized instruments instruments for lumbar median, paramedian and foraminal disc herniations and treatment of stenotic foramen by full endoscopic visualization performed by T. Hoogland 1998.
  • MED Tubular System for microdiscectomy, laminotomy, laminectomy and spinal canal stenosis published by Kevin T. Foley and Medtronic sofamor Danek 1998
  • Cervical Endoscopic Ventral Approach by Sang Ho Lee and John C.Chiu since 1998.

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