Samstag, 17. Oktober 2015

Milestones in Medical History

Mile Stone Definition

A milestone is erected at regular intervals along roads as distance indicator. In Medical History a milestone is a turning point in the development process of patients treatment.

Never in History a single idea created a mileston. In Medicine it is the competent transformation of this idea in an advanced operation technique, combined with adaequate (in most cases new designed) devices. A mile stone operation technique is accepted and practiced by the main part of surgeons around the globe. It is clear ahead to former treatment and becomes therefore "The Gold Standard" till it is replaced by a better one.

10 Rules to identify a milestone in Medicine

  1. How can I do better than before?
  2. What will be the goal of the action?
  • less trauma of the access
  • less pain and certain heeling for the patient and fast recovery
  • safe operation technique
  • less morbity, shorten operation time
3. What has to be changed in equipment?
  • precise description and specification of necessary new development
  • Qualification of the producer of devices (experience, workmanship, machinery) 
4. Step by Step explanation of the operation technique, advanteges against actual "Gold Standard", combined with advantages of new developed devices.

5. Concept for reduction of time consuming learning curve (text book with "tips and tricks", workshops, hospitations)

6. Supporters concept (own team, engineers, manufacturers, scientific societies)

7. Launch of Methode and Material

8. Number of Conferences, Workshops, Hospitaions and Publications

9. Action radius (local, Europe, World Wide)

10. Cooperation to spread the medical milestone concept with leading surgeons around the globe

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