Dienstag, 20. Oktober 2015

Origin of minimally invasive operation techniques

Origin of minimally invasive operation technique is endoscopy because of avoiding larg cuts. Endoscopy became reality with development of the light conductor by Philipp Bozzini, 1806. Magnifying of the operation field to get detailed informations about tissue structures and pathology was one requriement and this have been solved by the use of lens systems. Over the centuries knowledge in optical calculation and precise lens production grew by several milestones till it reached todays quality standard.

The progress in Minimally Invasive Surgery (M.I.S.) is influenced by much more factors than endoscopy. Between the early 1960s and late 1970s medical innovations reached new dimensions.

  • Imaging systems like CT and MRI brought progress to patient diagnosis
  • Imaging systems for surgery like advanced Endoscopes and Operation Micoroscopes opened new possibilities of patient treatment because of magnifying the operation field. In the case of Microscopy in three dimensions.
  • Devices used in combination with imaging systems like insufflation, fluid- and irrigation systems, video-systems, shaver and drill devices.
  • Development of indication relatated specific surgical instruments, combined with quality progress of production by CNC-machining centers.
  • Beginning of integration of information technology in patient treatment processes

But all these inventions are only useful in the hands of responsible surgeons, which guided the technical developments, articulated by their anatomical and treatment experiences, in the right direction. They extended interventions, but applying considered and recognized the limitations of the range of indications. This approach is still valid today.

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