Dienstag, 29. Dezember 2015

Technical Specifications of an Endoscope

How to specify an Endoscope with working channel to receive an anatomical correct device

 Sometimes the idea for progress in a new operation technique was limited by state of the art or the manufacturer is not willing to invest into a complete new Endoscope Design. The calculation of a new optical system is very expensive, so manufacturers often take the calculation of already used optics ago, of which they assume that they are suitable for the new application.
In some cases this is not true and then endoscopes are used over a long period which do not meet the anatomical requirements and thus offers only very limited use of them (example: Foraminoscope) 
The pattern drawing shows which dimensions must be specified and adhered into  the production with the lowest possible tolerances. The specification is created by the idea giving physician, possibly in cooperation with a doctor of anatomy.
Through collaboration with an engineer of a medical manufacturer the prototype is created as the basis for the series production

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