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Endoscopes: High precision production

Endoscope: High precision production requires for careful use and mainteance

An endoscope is a precison optical instrument for viewing of natural and artificial body cavities. As endoscope with working channel or in conjunction with operations sleeves and surgical instruments it is used for minimally invasive treatment of diseased organs.

It consists of a mechanical construction and an optical system which is produced at the highest quality standard by lowest tolerances to provide sharp, high contrast and true color images.

The quality criterias of the mechanical parts are:
  • straightness of inner and outer tube
  • precise production of the spacers (0.02 mm tolerance)
  • precise rod centering for alignment of the lens system
  • objective retrainer
  • light post and light fiber tube
  • light fiber retrainer (shoe)
  • sealing, glue and welding of the mechanical components
The quality criterias of the optical components are:
  •  high quality, multi-coated (antif-reflex) optical system
  • excellent optical transmission glass
  • high index lenses for optimal color reproduction even at high magnification
  • extremly precise centering of optical and mechanical components for an up to the border area brilliant and contrasty image
  • powerful optical fibers
  • high- quality galss cone to optimize the coupling of light.                                                                                                                                                                        
  • To allow a long-term and proper use it requires careful application and maintenance

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