Dienstag, 3. Februar 2015

Endoscopic History Methodology

For endoscopic applications four product groups are used:
  •  endoscopes, 
  • surgical instruments, 
  • mechatronic devices 
  • documentation. 

Each group has its own historical development and was included in endoscopic applications at different times.
Endoscopic applications have spread with inventions of instruments and equipment across all disciplines. The relationship between inventions and applications is shown in the corresponding field under "Material and Methods"
The representation captures the previous application and the progress which is achieved by the new surgical technique, as well as structural characteristics of the material required.
Special attention is dedicated to the representation of anatomical foundations which do not only influences the surgical technique but also the design of the instrument used.
For better organization as well for the field of application as well for the product groups symbols are used and time specifications are inserted. Thereby posts can also arranged afterwards as well thematically as well chronologically. Endoscopic History can be used for e-learning or as a text-book.

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