Mittwoch, 8. Oktober 2014

Endoscopy and electricity

According to the phenomena of electricity have been known for a long time. Lightning, electrical shock by electric eel and electric charge of the amber was known before the birth of Christ. Thales of Miletus has dealt with this phenomenon about 600 BC .

Today we know that electricity is generated by friction of certain materials. Significant inventors like Ott von Guerricke, the Briton William Gilbert and others provided important contributions to the use of electricity

1810, a year after Philip Bozzinis death, the chemist Humphry Davy created the basis for the carbon arc lamp. Sir William Grove took advantage of the platinum wire for illumination. This wire was heated so much as an electrical conductor, that he began to glow, producing light. The electric power was generated by a battery.

  Sir William Grove
Volta discovered the basics of making a battery and Dr. William Cruickshank designed the first electric battery in 1802. Without question, all these inventions are to provide the prerequisite for the endoscopy to the next level and have been recognized by doctors as important for use in endoscopy.

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