Freitag, 12. September 2014

Endoscopic Evolution


Endoscopy covers nowadays five leading technical revolutions: Optics, Mechatronic, Visualization (Camera and Monitor Technologie) Medical IT and Documentation. Each of These technologies has ist own history. It is an adventure to follow the documentation wich discribes early developments and how they improved step by step over the years.

Within the last 40 years one technology after the other has been integrated into endoscopic treatment and diagnosis. Now endoscopy is not any more the same it had been 30 years ago and it needs a long learning curve to use all available tools in an experienced manner. Also it is necessary to collect intependent informations to judge about quality criterias.

Endoscopic History Facebook Page and Group should help to reach a better understanding of endoscopic devices and treatment. The passway is, to follow the evolution within the last 200 years.

The Goal is that many experts, coming from Surgery, Development and Research, who deal with endoscopy should contribute their knowledge by publishing posts and images. A textbook of extraorinary knowledge could be generated as an open source to any member.

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